Planning a first birthday.

So i’m in the process of starting to plan G’s first birthday. Um WTF! when and how did my baby get so big and why does it happen to damn quickly.

I’ve already decided on a theme as he is my wild child, i thought Wild one theme fitted perfectly for my boy.

My dilemma is, we still don’t have a kitchen in our new home yet- still camping it. and still 7 weeks till the big day i don’t think we will have one. I know its not that big of a deal but i wanted friends and family to see our new home but also have a kitchen.

I have my cake lady sorted – Thanks Amy.

Invitations are getting made- Thanks Lana.

Just need to get some deco’s (decorations) and we are set!

My ideal “Pinterest” birthday as i like to call it as i do all my research on there, its like my bible. hoping it doesn’t turn into a Pinterest fail- google it and have a laugh ha ha.

Anyway hoping all goes well and my boy has the best day that he deserves.



Teaching About Sharing.

Miss T, hasn’t been the most pleasant little cherub to be around lately. Let me tell you me trying to win an argument against a 3 year old is almost impossible.

I have no idea where she picked up her attitude from, but i wish she would take it back to where she found it.

I get it, she has been an only child for 3 years, and now i have given her a little brother to play with she hates life. For example- Whenever Master G, has any toy, anything i mean it could be a bloody piece of fluff his picked up from the carpet, ITS MISS T’s! she will stomp her foot and say no G its mine, i want it. and if she doesn’t get it she will literally hit him and push him till he cry’s then she will snatch. And now that he is crawling it’s getting worse.

I’ve gone the nice way around this, by saying no we are sharing let G have a turn then its your turn, this is G’s toy he got from Santa for Christmas let him play for a little bit then you can have a go. HA HA yeah right what was i thinking.

We have come to an agreement, that she now plays first then gives G a go. Or she will go and get him another toy to play with, it seems to be slowly working. There is still sometimes a fight but she is getting much better than what she was. I just persisted in what i was doing and saying (trying not to loose my mind).

I’m still thinking i’m going to have to start buying two of everything just to keep the peace!


I will keep you updated on my progress.