Planning a first birthday.

So i’m in the process of starting to plan G’s first birthday. Um WTF! when and how did my baby get so big and why does it happen to damn quickly.

I’ve already decided on a theme as he is my wild child, i thought Wild one theme fitted perfectly for my boy.

My dilemma is, we still don’t have a kitchen in our new home yet- still camping it. and still 7 weeks till the big day i don’t think we will have one. I know its not that big of a deal but i wanted friends and family to see our new home but also have a kitchen.

I have my cake lady sorted – Thanks Amy.

Invitations are getting made- Thanks Lana.

Just need to get some deco’s (decorations) and we are set!

My ideal “Pinterest” birthday as i like to call it as i do all my research on there, its like my bible. hoping it doesn’t turn into a Pinterest fail- google it and have a laugh ha ha.

Anyway hoping all goes well and my boy has the best day that he deserves.



Not just a house.

It was the phone call we had been waiting to hear from, “Your house has sold”

I had a lot of sadness rush over me after that conversation. why? you ask.

Because this house wasn’t just a house it was our home.

-It was where we started out when we first got married.

-It was where we had arguments.

-It was where we met with friends and ate food

-It was where we brought home two puppies.

-It was where we have lived for 5 years.

-Where we found out bad news and good news.

-Where we found out we were expecting our children

-Where we brought home our children.

-Where our children met milestones.

-Where the gardening always took a tribe.

-Where the postie always said hello when he seen us.

-Where we hated listening to the trains and loud cars.

-Where our neighbors probably heard us argue.

-Where the shed was a home reno disaster. *haha* has been fixed.

-Where we move on and make bigger and better memories.

In the wise words of my 3 year old “its not a house mum its a home”, we will be sad to move out and say goodbye, It’s so bittersweet to drive past and see the SOLD sticker over the sign.

I’m so excited that we have had the opportunity to live and grow our family in this house and i’m beyond excited and ready to make new memories and live and grow our family more in our new home.



Image result for gardening meme


Sorry i have been MIA, We have been cleaning up our old house ready for sale. Lets just say working two days a week plus having two small kids and gardening and cleaning its fucking chaos! Our garden was something you would see in, well a horror story for gardens. Even Burke’s backyard couldn’t give this home among the gums trees some life. Oh and did i mention our state had been having some serious fucking heat wave activity 45 degree weather and gardening – caused for some gnarly buckets of sweat and anger.




none the less our old house is looking pretty bloody good, with ALOT of help from my in-laws i haven’t got one green thumb on any of my two hands at all, we got it all done.

Lets just say our new house will be covered in cactus’s and yukka’s something extremely low maintenance!



Teaching About Sharing.

Miss T, hasn’t been the most pleasant little cherub to be around lately. Let me tell you me trying to win an argument against a 3 year old is almost impossible.

I have no idea where she picked up her attitude from, but i wish she would take it back to where she found it.

I get it, she has been an only child for 3 years, and now i have given her a little brother to play with she hates life. For example- Whenever Master G, has any toy, anything i mean it could be a bloody piece of fluff his picked up from the carpet, ITS MISS T’s! she will stomp her foot and say no G its mine, i want it. and if she doesn’t get it she will literally hit him and push him till he cry’s then she will snatch. And now that he is crawling it’s getting worse.

I’ve gone the nice way around this, by saying no we are sharing let G have a turn then its your turn, this is G’s toy he got from Santa for Christmas let him play for a little bit then you can have a go. HA HA yeah right what was i thinking.

We have come to an agreement, that she now plays first then gives G a go. Or she will go and get him another toy to play with, it seems to be slowly working. There is still sometimes a fight but she is getting much better than what she was. I just persisted in what i was doing and saying (trying not to loose my mind).

I’m still thinking i’m going to have to start buying two of everything just to keep the peace!


I will keep you updated on my progress.


The best of 2017.

Catch you later 2017, what a year. It’s flown by so quickly- i think we say that about every year but the older you get the years seem to just fly by.

We have had a pretty full on year, from having our second child, to building our dream home and all the shitty parts in between.

We Welcomed our sweet baby boy in May, wow that seems so long ago 7 months to be exact! He has blended into our family so well and we are so grateful for his presence in our lives.


Miss T turned 3! wtf When did she become such a little girl. Over the past year I have seen so much change in her. From her speech and mannerisms – has that grown. She is quite a bold girl. She will go far in life.

. 24232027_10159576377560587_7081487283872089932_n

We started building our dream home, It’s not quite finished like we would of liked before Christmas, but it’s so close. I’m so excited to make new memories with my sweet family in our new home.


Of course life has it’s downfalls and real lows, We also lost someone close to us in the family so close to Christmas which was hard.

I also returned back to work after having 7 months off.

Bring on 2018! I cant wait to see what you bring! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a safe New Years.

Leave in the comments below something you want to achieve in 2018!


My job.

I am a dental assistant. Yep that’s right I deal with gross teeth and smelly breath.

I have been a qualified dental assistant for 6 years but have been in the dental field for 10 years!That’s a long arse time. I started working for a small dental surgery when I was 17 years old, I had lost my previous job and A friend hooked me up with this one (thanks Karen I know your reading this)

I’ve done a lot of things whilst working at my current job. From working with multiple dentists to doing reception work- wow this is sounding like a resume.

I have also in that time gotten married and had two kids!

My boss has been a wonderful support throughout my years I’m classified as antique I’ve been there that long as he says ” we will trade you in for parts soon”.

I work with a small group of people it’s like they are extended family members.

Anyhow that’s just a little bit of what I do for work. ☺️


50 Facts about me!

Today i’m going to tell you 50 facts about me! you excited? you should be ya little sticky beaks. kidding enjoy!



  1. I have a dog and her name is Sweep. (yep from the show sooty and co)
  2. I love rap music. Give me some Eminem any day.
  3. My birthday is the 6th of January.
  4. My favourite TV shows are: Outlander, Riverdale and shameless.
  5. I believe in paranormal activities.
  6. But i’m shit scared of horror movies.
  7. My favourite food is lasagne.
  8. I’m super bad at math.
  9. I got married in Las Vegas.
  10. I have a few nicknames but people mostly call me B.
  11. I love shopping. (who doesn’t)
  12. I will cry at anything.
  13. I have trust issues.
  14. I wear sunglasses even when its raining.
  15. I work with teeth!
  16. I’m a Capricorn.
  17. I love to sing – But totally cant.
  18.  I really love coffee- but only after having kids ha ha
  19. I can sew.
  20. I have really long hair.
  21. I have two tattoo’s
  22. My favourite season is spring.
  23. I love thunder storms.
  24. My favourite song at the moment is – Home by Michael Buble.
  25. Half way!!
  26. I cant dance.
  27. My favourite colour is purple
  28. I hate cooking.
  29. My woman crush is – Mila Kunis.
  30. I like meeting new people.
  31. I’m a home body.
  32. I’m a light weight when i drink i can have 2 drinks and i’m drunk.
  33. There is nothing like a Macca’s cheeseburger.
  34. I don’t care what people say about me.
  35. I appreciate my family and friends so much.
  36. I’m obsessed with snap chat and Instagram.
  37. I’m a sucker for a good massage.
  38. I overthink every situation.
  39. I put up a fight.
  40. Money stresses me out.
  41. I love my job.
  42. I’m a slight hoarder. (Just figured this out while trying to move house.)
  43. I am 1 of 3 kids.
  44. I HATE Spiders!
  45. I live in thongs no matter what season it is.
  46. I would love a white Christmas
  47. I love surprise’s
  48. I had braces.
  49. I’m a neat freak.
  50. THE END!

WOW that was actually really hard to do.