I interviewed my 3 year old.

I asked my 3 almost 4 year old some questions read more for a good laugh.

“Hey T…. Mumma wants to ask you some questions” “what mum”

How old are you? ….. I’m 5 – No sweetheart your 3.

What’s your favourite colour? Black

What’s your favourite animal? Lambs

What’s your favourite show? Wiggles – which we were watching

What’s your favourite book? Dora

What’s your favourite movie? Frog and donkey aka Shrek.

What’s your favourite food? Coca pops.

What’s your favourite snack? Popcorn.

What’s your favourite outfit? Pretty Skirts

What’s your favourite game? Catch

What’s your favourite toy? Woody. from Toy story.

Who is your best friend? Izzy & Carli – daycare buddies.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside? Play ball games

What’s your favourite holiday- Tristmarse,Santa he brings presents his always watching.

What do you take to bed at night? All my toys & milk. Aint that the truth

Where is your favourite place? Ummmm…. daddy’s vam aka dads work van.

Where would you like to go on holiday? The country – we live in the country lol.

What would you like to be when you grow up? A taller you. Awe ❤️

Was this fun? No

This went better than I thought it would. Let me know down below have you interview your kids? Did they say anything hilarious.


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