Not just a house.

It was the phone call we had been waiting to hear from, “Your house has sold”

I had a lot of sadness rush over me after that conversation. why? you ask.

Because this house wasn’t just a house it was our home.

-It was where we started out when we first got married.

-It was where we had arguments.

-It was where we met with friends and ate food

-It was where we brought home two puppies.

-It was where we have lived for 5 years.

-Where we found out bad news and good news.

-Where we found out we were expecting our children

-Where we brought home our children.

-Where our children met milestones.

-Where the gardening always took a tribe.

-Where the postie always said hello when he seen us.

-Where we hated listening to the trains and loud cars.

-Where our neighbors probably heard us argue.

-Where the shed was a home reno disaster. *haha* has been fixed.

-Where we move on and make bigger and better memories.

In the wise words of my 3 year old “its not a house mum its a home”, we will be sad to move out and say goodbye, It’s so bittersweet to drive past and see the SOLD sticker over the sign.

I’m so excited that we have had the opportunity to live and grow our family in this house and i’m beyond excited and ready to make new memories and live and grow our family more in our new home.

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