I’m back at work.

My first day back at work after having G, was painful.

I cried, like literally Kim Kardashian ugly face crying when i was dropping him off. I was trying to tell the educator how his routine went and i couldn’t help but sob. Bv-BiArIAAAt_3C

I made it into work, and not long after a got a message from his educator saying everything was fine, and he was doing great. I got all my paperwork done in between having about 5 coffee’s because i was struggling to stay awake, not being used to having the computer in my face and paperwork all around me, i found myself sinking into and getting it done.

I thought about G and T all day, could not get them out of my head. I even found myself sharing photos with my colleagues to try and pass the time till i picked them up. I had lunch at home and it was so quite,but at least i got to eat my sandwich at home without sharing with a 3 year old.

I guess you could say i did have a good first day back after having 7 months off. It felt good to have some adult interaction and some time to myself. With the mum guilt still in my head i felt as though i have made a good choice. I mean it is only two days per week.


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