Fighting mum guilt.

Hey Mumma,

Do you crave for a moment of silence?

Do you find yourself hiding in the pantry away from the all the chaos?

Do you dream of 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, or a date night with hubby?

Does that give you the mum guilts?


Running your home, spending your days balancing work and play, making sure the kids are bathed and fed, cleaning up accidents, fixing snacks and meals…. let’s just admit it, it is exhausting. And If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to take care of your family.

I’ve listed below some helpful examples to help beat the mum guilts.

Get some rest!

Mumma’s need to get their rest.  Your body needs rest. Don’t feel guilty if you need to nap. Many mums like me tend to use kiddies nap time to check things off their to-do list, but if you are tired please sleep, it’s so good for your body and your mental health.

I know that for my health and my husbands sanity, he prefers an awake wife not a zombie when he gets home. I don’t usually sleep, but if you do even if it’s for 30 minutes (set your alarm if needed) that little nap will get you through the rest of the day.

You also shouldn’t feel guilty for not having the washing all done or the house picked up just remember it’s just a nap.

Have some me time!

Us Mumma’s need to do things that we enjoy. Try not to feel guilty when you take time for yourself. If you like crafts, blogging, shopping, baking try to make it a priority to get some uninterrupted time to yourself each week. It could be during your little’s nap time/rest time or it could be on the weekend when your husband or a family member is home to watch the children. Taking time for yourself will help you to feel more happier as a mother.

Don’t feel guilty as you hide in the pantry or bathroom nibbling on chocolate or checking Facebook to see what all the “sane” people are doing. It is far better to go into your room and shut the children out and take a breather.

Mum guilt is awful, we feel as if we are being selfish, for needing some me time. And when we do we are thinking of our babies non stop. Being a mum is hard work some days are easy and some days you just can not be bothered the kids are screaming blue murder and climbing the walls and you have hit one square in the nose. Do not feel guilty for asking for help, raising children takes a tribe. I know the mum guilts will always be there, but if we can help ourselves with having some us time, I know our children will thank us for it.


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