10 EASY tips for toilet training.

I think i speak for all parents when i say “potty training sucks”. You spend countless hours attached to your toddler,taking them to the toilet every 15-30 minutes and cleaning up those yucky mishaps all the while trying to stay positive.

Ask any parent who has been through potty training boot camp. You need a plan of attack and lots and lots of treats,because its stinky,messy and there will be lots of tears.

I have put together a list below on how to survive potty training.


  1. Make sure your child is READY- All to often parents are pressured to get there child potty trained because little jimmy down the road is potty trained and you haven’t even thought of it because you don’t know if your child is ready.Let your child tell you when they are ready. They may show signs of pulling there nappy off, or letting you know when the have gone wee or poo in their nappy. Some kids will even go and sit on the potty themselves.
  2. Get them known to sitting on the potty- Take your child to the toilet and just sit with them and MAKE a big deal about it, kids love praise it encourages them to know that this fantastic.
  3. Make a big deal over it- Like i mean scream and yell and praise them with “YOUR SUCH A BIG GIRL/BOY, you are doing amazing clap hands together, do big high fives, tell them you are so proud and happy. This worked so well with my daughter she loves to hear she is doing great.
  4. Make a reward chart- If you are big on reward charts like me, then this will be so handy for you. Every time they go potty they get to put a sticker on their chart and at the end of the week if they have filled their chart they get a prize. It doesn’t need to be big even if its a lolly pop, your child will be happy.
  5. Make sure you have supplies- You need to be prepared to have accidents and to go through tons of underwear and nappy sand soak. You will also need a potty or a seat that fits onto your toilet this will make it much more comfortable for your child. You will also need to stock up on your lolly pop’s or which ever prize your child will get as a reward for going to the potty.
  6. Training a boy- You could get some male help, either it be an older brother or dad to help teach your boy how to aim into the toilet. I also have heard popping a sticker in your toilet (please wear gloves) to help them with something to aim at works well.
  7. Be patient- This is a big thing, patience is the key to successful potty training. Its not going to happen in a day, it could take months for your child to be fully trained.
  8. Public outings- Make sure they go or try to go before you leave. Have spare clothes id pack maybe 2-3 outfits depending on how long you will be out for. A portable potty works well for long car trips between rest stops. Line your car seat with an absorbent mat kind of like the ones used for puppies. And also remind your child to go, distraction may cause accidents (which sometimes you cannot prevent).
  9. Things may go backwards before going forward- You may be well under way with the potty training and everything is going fantastic, your child is going when they need to and you cant keep up with the reward chart, then BAM they just don’t care anymore they are bored of this potty training business and your back to square one. Accidents will happen,they are learning how to control their body.
  10. Routine- I know my children thrive on routine, in our house we teach the go,wipe,say bye,flush,wash routine. Quite simple, she does her business, she wipes (some help needed) she says bye bye, she flushes then we wash our hands. We let her know that we need to wash our hands because the dirty bugs from the toilet can make us sick.This also is great for when they start kinder or school having this routine in place makes life a lot easier for them.

I hope your found some of these tips handy for when you start to toilet train your child i know some of these have worked wonders for us. Its all about hanging in there and lots of praise. GOOD LUCK.




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