Tackling two kids.

I’m going to share my experience and give you some  tips to survive life with a  toddler and a newborn.

So you have your brand new baby, your in complete baby land with all the snuggles and the learning about each other, the skin to skin bonding.Its time for some well needed rest after those 9 long months and birthing your baby. Then reality hits, your husband or partner goes back to work your family member visits get shorter and shorter and your left ALONE! with a new born baby and your toddler. Let me tell you, as i know your asking yourself how am i possibly going to do this, I’m here to help you because i was asking myself the same question. My toddler was demanding and after having my full attention for the last 2 1/2 years she got a reality check that mum’s attention was on a new baby and she felt like she was left out, which i guess she was,but i always found time to spend with her.

HELPING- I found that getting her to help out with nappy changes not only helped her bond with her brother, but also helped me out a lot as well. I would get her to get the nappy and wipes ready for me, we would do the change and she would then put the dirty nappy bag in the bin for me.

She also helped out a few times with bath times i would get her to get the pajamas out for me and a new nappy and also a towel pop it all in the bathroom for me. Once the baby was bathed i would refill the bath and she would hop in,i would dry and dress her brother then wash her and she would play for a little bit.I always found it easier to bath the kids around the same time then its all done and you also save on a little bit of water.

RESTING- For both kids and yourself is very important, so teach your toddler that sleep time for the baby is quite time, if your toddler still has a nap then that’s fantastic for you (lucky thing) my daughter dropped her afternoon sleep when she turned two. So for her quite time is laying on the couch for a bit of TV time or maybe sitting quietly with a book. As the old saying goes “sleep when baby sleeps” well that sometimes doesn’t go to plan when you also have a toddler, My rest time was getting the house in order, even if it was just folding the washing that has been piling up for a few days, most days it even allowed me to spend time with my toddler so she didn’t feel left out. We would do a puzzle, or some colouring even did some baking.

Having a newborn and a toddler at the same time can be trying and rewarding,if you come up with a good schedule  and stick to it, children learn from you so if you help direct and teach your toddler then your days should be a lot smoother and happier for you. Try and get your toddler involved, even if you have to bribe with a reward at least they know they are not feeling left out with this new member showing there gorgeous baby face in their life. Below is a list of things i got my toddler to do.

  • Get new nappies and wipes out for nappy changes.
  • Put dirty nappies in the bin.
  • Help with putting the dirty washing in the washing machine.
  • Help with bath time.
  • Helped with bottle feeding, got to hold the bottle and pat back for burping the baby.


Leave a comment below on how you got your toddler to help out with a newborn.




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