October Favourites.


  It’s the end of October already! I’m going to run through my Top 5 products for this month. 


 1) My essential oil collection – I have been collecting essential oils this month and finding some great blends to diffuse or add to a roller bottle with some coconut oil for the kids or myself.  My favorite blend at the moment is – Lavender, Frankincense and orange mmmmmm it smells so delicious and makes my household very happy and calm 

2) A white noise machine, i picked up online for G. This kid loves white noise. The machine plays white noise, heartbeat,rain & thunder and some other noises. I love it, it’s portable too so i can take it anywhere with me, and it takes a USB charger so i can plug it into the car if i have too as well for easy charging. This nifty little device also has Bluetooth so i can also use it for music off my phone. https://www.sleepsolutions.com.au/sound-oasis-bluetooth-sleep-sound-therapy-system

 3) I picked up a new diary from K-mart the other week and i love it it has a little folder in comes in and its decked out with pockets, and its been really useful to pop any notes for the new house in and keeping business cards etc. And was only $10 bucks, so bargin! http://www.kmart.com.au/product/compendium—rose-gold/1330819 

  4) This next one is the new play gym i brought for G, I don’t know why i never got one for miss T (kicking myself) but this has been so much fun for him. I got it last week from Toy world and he has gotten the hang of jumping and has a jolly good time in it. Was a bit pricey,but totally worth it. https://www.toysrus.com/buy/jumpers/fisher-price-laugh-learn-jumperoo-dky79-82503156


5) Lucky last, i picked up a new phone last week as mine decided to die on me mid Facebook stalking and wouldn’t turn back on, was possibly saying Bianca this is enough Facebook for today and BOOM completely died on me. I got pretty cool case for the new one, nice aqua, Tiffany blue kind of colour as an extra card holder in it which has been super handy.


So that wraps up my October favourite’s let me know in the comments below what your favourite product has been for this month. 




2 thoughts on “October Favourites.

  1. My favourite products are my small washing baskets, I Got them a couple of months ago and went and got more, I use them to fold washing and have one for each person and each room. It makes the job easier!


  2. What a fantastic idea Jill. The washing never ends in my house either little baskets would make the job a lot easier. May have to give them a try. Thanks for sharing your favourite thing.


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