A day in the life.

My mornings often start around 6:00am, when master G, wales out for the boobie bar to open. I usually roll out of bed, like a teenager experiencing their first hangover, stumbling all over the place trying to find my way in the dark to his bedroom, Halfway back to my bed he starts to get angry and i usually have to whip the boob out or he will wake the whole darn neighborhood.Mind you i would of been up about 3-4 times during the night to miss T, who suffers from nightmares so when i say stumbling all over the place i literally am.

I’ll feed G in bed and we will cuddle for a good hour until miss T gets out of bed. I then organize breakfast for T, which is usually nutri-grain, or porridge. While she is eating ill change G’s butt and get him all cleaned up and ready for the day & then place him in his bouncer, while i get T’s clothes and bag ready for kinder.

Then the shit fight starts, trying to get T ready for the day is like fighting with a baby elephant on their back, arms flying everywhere screaming and kicking. However miss T loves to get herself ready by putting on her undies and pants, i usually have to start to get her ready about an hour before we walk out the door because of this.
Eventually she is ready and we are good to walk out the door at 8:30am, by this time G is tired and ready for bed so its a quick trip in and out to drop T at kinder and scoot back home to put him to sleep.

Once G is asleep i will sit down and eat my breakfast and have a coffee or 3 to wake me up. Then pick up the house do some washing and general cleaning make the beds etc… I’ll dance around the house listening to my music and stop for a bit of a boogie and a sing.

We are currently packing up and sorting through the house ready to move into our new home, so i have been sorting shit out making it easier on us when the day comes to move.
By this time its around 11am and G is awake, ill spend time with him, give him a feed and play on the floor for a while, his rolling around like crazy at the moment his at such a fun age.

Fast forward to 5:00pm, time to pick up T from kinder, i have been walking to get her lately which is a nice 10 min walk there and a 20 min walk back as T dawdles ill give her credit she does have tiny legs.

5:00pm on wards is a crazy time, getting dinner ready, bathing the kids and getting them fed and in bed.
I feel like super mum when i have done all that and i get to sit down and relax, have a read of some blogs search the net do some regretful online shopping, sometimes i even get to go to the supermarket alone, if josh is home before they close.
Its crazy how the day can go, some days are super busy and some days are laid back.
I wouldn’t change a thing.

Leave in the comments below what your favorite time of the day is.


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