Life with a toddler

My beautiful Miss T, came into this world screaming bloody murder in June 2014.
She was perfect, all 10 fingers and toes down to the little beauty spot she has on her cheek.
The years flew by and in the blink of an eye my babe was turning 2.


 People kept saying to me “oh you will see,she will change” and in my mum bubble i thought to myself yeah right she is glorious, she is happy and nothing in the world could change that. Well was i fucking wrong!
Helllloooooo terrible, torturous, tantrum, tiring, tornado two’s.  My little happy child turned into some sort of overtired raging dragon, who had all this anger to release on the world.
I knew at this stage i was about to get my dose of parental reality, thrown right in the deep end.

She stopped sleeping all night, the dreaded teeth were showing their ugly faces FUCK YOU MOLARS! and lets just say she was 2 going on 15. I had no idea where this anger was coming from,  I read somewhere i cant remember where for the life of me where but, apparently all toddlers go through this stage in their lives, they are figuring out their emotions, they cant control their anger or happiness as they can not understand what is happening and then that makes them more uncontrollable,because you are also there yelling back at them or disciplining for something they probably had no control over.

For example i remember telling Miss T off, because she was not putting on her socks and shoes the right way. In a child’s eyes there is no right way, all they know is that you put socks and shoes on your feet ,not that there is a left and right for a shoe, i have learnt as she has gotten older to just sit with her and explain to her “oops we have them on the wrong feet, don’t they feel funny lets try this way its much more comfortable right”? to this day she still gets it wrong by fluke sometimes she will get it right but its all about learning and teaching them right from wrong, because what we find easy in everyday life a 2 year old finds pretty bloody hard.

She then turned 3, and i kept thinking goodness it cant get any worse surely,potty training that was and still will be the death of me, you try telling a 2 year old that pooing is a normal thing to do, she freaks the fuck out when she needs to poo, TMI i know but who doesn’t love a good shit.

Miss T has been attending daycare since she was about 1 1/2 and i always put the naughtiness down to being at daycare and as the old saying goes “monkey see monkey do” she started coming home kicking, hitting and spitting at me. I needed to grab the bull by the horn and whip this girl back into line, so i thought anyway.
I thought disciplining her when she did wrong was going great, until i honestly couldn’t control her attitude anymore the day would end with both of us in tears because we would just scream at each other. FYI – i have taken control *winning*

As a first time mother i wanted my little girl to be polite use her please and thank you’s and be told she was such a good girl, and she is she is fantastic most of the time and I’m so thankful that i do have such a wonderful little girl, but hey we all have our bad days, sometimes we just cant deal with the day and get way to overwhelmed  and tired and just want to curl up in bed with some ice cream and cry and its totally normal as miss T says, “mum I’m sad i need a rest”.
Parenting is the hardest job you will ever have in your life, whether you have 1 child or 10, the days are long but the years are short and the bad times are just moments to grow from. Its not a bad life, you don’t have a bad child, your child is learning, learning to grow up and deal with emotions,life and independence, and we just need to be there for them, a child thrives on encouragement, praise and love.

This probably will come across to some people as a rant against my child,and in some way it is but i know some mothers are reading this and are totally agreeing with what i’m writing.

In conclusion my 3 year old still has her moments of slamming doors and we both yell at each other daily, but at the end of the day when its bed time i tuck her in and kiss her goodnight, i tell her i love her, i will always tell my children i love them, no matter what happened during the day.


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