The beginning.

Where do i start… How about with hey I’m Bianca, I’m 27 years old I’m married to my wonderful husband (josh) of 4 years and we have two gorgeous children T (3) and G (4 months).

I’m by all means no good on the grammar front, so don’t judge me if I leave out apostrophe’s or thingy Ma bobs here and there.

“Let’s do this”  I’m doing this for me. I basically have been flipping back and forth for years about starting a blog and lets face it, it’s nerve wracking putting yourself out there on the Internet for everyone to gawk at and today I thought fuck it! I’m doing it! I’m hoping this will be my little
 escape, a life away from my crazy mum of two trying to keep my household together life.

Ive had people tell me that when they first met me they found me intimidating, my personality can sometimes be quite strong I’m quite extraverted so you could think I’m a complete crazy bitch or we will hit it off like ice cream to warm chocolate woolworths cake… Mmmm.

But then once you really get to know me we will be burping and farting and eating that Woolworths chocolate cake till we throw up!

If you haven’t already gathered by reading that last thread, I have no boundaries I say what I want with good intentions of course, I’d say I’m fun to be around I don’t have cards on myself but hey a girl can dream right?

Ok well I’ve probably rambled on quite a bit now. My blogs will mostly be of my raw motherhood moments my life  and a few other things here and there.

So if y’all want a little snoop into my life stay tuned ✌🏽️


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